Our interventions help to make work relationships more fluid and promote collaborative work, which we consider to be two main issues to hinder performance.

The transversality of exchanges and awareness of behavioral impact have become the keystones of a company's success.

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Coreod Consulting shares with its clients its expertise through a model of stress management and effective conflict management by positioning the individual's relationship with themselves (self-confidence, stress management, etc.) or the individual with Others (conflict management, team management, etc.) at the heart of the transformational and learning processes. It also enhances a collective dialogue and the improvement of interactions between genders and various cultures in corporations and eclectic work environments.

Stress management

  • - Understand the mechanisms of stress
  • - Acquire sustainable methods and reflexes to regulate stress
  • - Know how to recover from stress and increase your level of resistance to it

Balance and Communication at work

  • - 5 customized half-day workshops that adapt to your company and the concrete cases you experience on a daily basis
  • - Debriefings on the good relational attitudes to adopt

Conflict management

  • - Personalized action plan: set personal goals and objectives to improve professional relationships
  • - Tools and methods to establish assertiveness in one’s words and actions

Management of emotions and assertiveness

  • - Find the right emotional distance with others
  • - Understand and overcome emotional dysfunctions
  • - Use your emotions wisely to get your ideas across

Performance and collective development

  • - Understand and tame your "time nibblers"
  • - Learn availability and unavailability
  • - Manage your time as you manage a project