Coreod Academy

Coreod Academy is the educational Branch of Coreod Consulting.

Coreod Consulting is our 10 year old therapy and training firm specializing in the management of stress at work, psychosocial risks and conflict management. Coreod Academy focuses on our training and educational offers to companies.

Our well-experienced Coreod team offers companies, their leaders and executives, training, coaching and team-building packages. These offers are exclusively dedicated to corporate stress management and  well-being at work. These are all-inclusive offers where you can savor the gourmet dishes of our chef and the exclusive wines from our beautiful wine cellar, all in the magical setting of the orangery of the Château d'Aor.

Our Orangery has the capacity for up to 500 customers in a total of 600m². It offers all the reception and catering qualities worthy of the major event venues in Ile de France.

Our Coreod Academy team will be able to meet your expectations as part of your annual training plan.

We also offer Master Class sessions and the possibility of organizing conferences, talks, and symposiums around well-being and our themes of living well and preventing stress.