Athlètes Elite Mind® Program

This program is especially dedicated to high performance athletes to work on any psychological concern such as depression, addictions or any kind of ill-being linked to the performance pressure.

We will run an individual analysis with highly innovating tools to assess your potential and your improvement and development axis.

They will afterwards be worked with our practitioners, experts, and professional coaches to help you reach your highest possible mental and sports level.

Program Objectives :

  • Setting sports performance action and improvement plan
  • Understand and overcome emotional dysfunctions
  • Anticipation ability: the strategic vision
  • Career reconversion preparation
  • Rediscover meaning in life after retirement

Possibility of psychological counseling on the following concerns :

  • Stress, burn-out
  • Addictions: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, medications, games…
  • Sleep disorders management
  • Immune system strengthening

Outils proposés:

  • High level sports coaching
  • Mental trainer
  • Specialized psychotherapists in high performance sports community
  • EMDR in post-traumatic stress case
  • Hypnosis to evacuate stress 
  • NLP
  • Systemic therapy
  • CBT
  • Epigenetic to reinforce the mind and confidence

Time : as of 4 days
Price upon request

For reservations and information, our team will be at your service to build your individualized program with you.