Coreod Clinic

We established our first Coreod Clinic Center at the magnificent location of Chateau D’Aor, as it is the ideal place to offer our guests the balance and serenity they are looking for.  

We use avant-garde therapies supported by the latest scientific research. 

We are offering the highest security and utmost confidentiality to our valued residents while they are healing.

Our offer responds to the increasing demand for a place where you can be taken care of, body and psyche, in a systemic and holistic way. The venue we picked is ideal in allowing visitors to have an outworldly experience where they can let go completely and reach the kind of rest and serenity that can only be enhanced by innovative, very high-end therapies.

Our treatments are offered in an exceptional place where Luxury, Calm and Serenity reign. 

It is time you let your old self go and welcome your new, regenerated body, mind, and psyche.